Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sixth Step: Coloring in Photoshop-Part 1

Next, I exported my inked Illustrator images to my painting program, Photoshop.  I clicked on File-Export and saved my files accordingly.  Then I opened my first page in Photoshop.

Once I had opened my file, I saw one flat layer of line work. 

 I then opened a new file and set it at the correct dimensions for my book.  We had chosen a 7x7 square format, so I opened my new file to those dimensions.


I set my new file at 300 ppi, RGB Color and made sure i was using the correct color profile that Blurb recommended. 

After I had created a new file, I dragged the line layer onto the new blank 7x7 canvas. 

Then, I selected a new layer underneath my line layer for my background colors.  I chose a purple and gave it some gradients. 

I repeated this step for the ground color.  I chose a shade of green and then used a gradient.

Then I added in some grass I had created in Illustrator to the background.  I then lowered the opacity to 31%.

Next Step:  Coloring in Photoshop-Part 2

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