Friday, December 30, 2011

Seventh Step: Coloring in Photoshop-Part 2

After I had colored my background, I then filled in the rest of the characters with solid flat color.  To do this, I first created a new layer below my line work and above my background layers.  Then, with my new layer selected, I used the magic wand tool, and selected an area to color. 

I then made sure there was no space between my selection and black lines.  To do this, I clicked on Select-Modify-Expand and expanded my selection by 3 pixels.

I then used the paint bucket tool and filled my selection with color:


I used this method for the remaining areas and ended with this:

Here is a look at my layers palette after all of the areas had been filled with color:

Next Step:  Coloring in Photoshop-Part 3-Clororing Line

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