Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Third Step: Designing Characters

After I drew my thumbnail sketches, I then began to sketch detailed images of each character.  I used my first drawing of the main character, Tilly, as reference for the other supporting characters in the story, since they resembled each other. (Sister and Mother)  Using this drawing and my thumbnail sketches as a guide, I drew all of the characters in different poses with different expressions.  I started by drawing very light and sketchy.  I often drew these poses over and over until I liked a certain drawing.  After I had the poses and expressions that I liked, I refined my images.
First Drawing Used As Reference:

Examples of Different Poses for Tilly: 

I also drew multiple poses for the Ladybug:

Background and extra elements were also drawn according to the layout of my thumbnails.  This included the apple, branches, leaves, flowers, etc.

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