Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fourth Step: Scanning Images and Creating a Sketch Collage in Illustrator

After I had created all of my sketches for my book, I then scanned each one into my computer.  I saved each image to a new folder as a jpeg.  Once I scanned all of my images I then opened my Illustrator program and created a new file.  My book format was 7x7 inches, so I opened my new file to 14x7.  This allowed me to work on two pages as one.  I drew a line down the middle to divide my pages.  I then opened the scanned images by clicking on file-place.  When all of my sketches were opened I then started to collage them according to the layout of those pages.  I used the opacity slider on some of my images.  This allowed me to overlap my drawings while being able to see everything at once.  I scaled each sketch and moved it into place accordingly until I felt it looked right.  
Illustrator Collage:

Next Step: Inking in Illustrator

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